Interesting to see how Ubuntu has overtaken its sire Debian in recent years - Google Trends really is amazing.

Google Trends chart of Ubuntu (blue), Debian (red), CentOS (green) and Suse (orange).

Ubuntu (blue), Debian (red), CentOS (green) and Suse (orange)

Here's the link to see the full google-trends page for this comparison.

I love the spikes on the ubuntu line every 6 months - I imagine these coincide with the 6-monthly .4 and .10 releases (April and October).

Interestingly, when I compare Ubuntu with Windows 7 and OSX, OSX loses out strongly to Ubuntu (perhaps I'm using the wrong term, but I tried a number of different combinations), while Win7 is around 3x more popular than Ubuntu. Also interesting to note how OSX beats Ubuntu in the "news" mentions (below the x-axis) presumably because of the Apple PR machine:

Google Trends chart of Ubuntu (blue), Windows 7 (red), OSX (orange)

Ubuntu (blue), Windows 7 (red), OSX (orange)

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