I decided it was high time I got a copy of my photos from the last 10 years or so backed-up somewhere. I downloaded Picasa (3.0-beta for ubuntu x64) and signed up for web-albums and started rummaging through my pics. Picasa tells me I have 5,773 pictures in my ~/Pictures directory, so I could be having to spend rather a long time sorting through that lot!

Scrolling through I came across some old sketches from way back (2002 and older), some of which I had scanned at various stages during the sketch. After a bit of fighting with Picasa (I didn't want it to throw away my original tif files) I got it to pick up the extra converted jpg copies which i made, and tried to upload them ... no go on that score, its still doing incrementally backing-off retries and failing to upload with no explanation. The log file location says "c:\Documents and settings...", which is a bit of a laugh given i'm running ubuntu :)

Instead I uploaded those converted jpg's via the web-albums website, and shared the album. Here's a sample:

pony sketch, step 1 pony sketch, step 2 pony sketch, finished

Honestly no idea why the last one has a blue-ish tint to it - I must have screwed up scanning it or something. I'll balance the colours and re-upload if I get a chance.

This was drawn from a photo I took at Llyn-Brianne in mid Wales, some time around 2002. There was a whole herd of what I can only assume are wild ponies just wandering around up there, and this little guy was one of them.

This sketch is a full side of A4, drawn with Derwent studio colour pencils. I saw someone drawing with these at an art show I went to with my dad years ago, and bought the 72 pack there and then - they really are fantastic.

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