Many pages that you might want to share don't have Google+ plus button buttons. This bookmarklet makes it easy to plus-one any page directly while browsing it - share from anywhere!

To install the bookmarklet just drag the Google+1 link below to your browser bookmarks bar:

To use the bookmarklet at any time while browsing the web just click the link on your bookmarks bar and a +1 button will appear in the top-right corner of the page. Click the plus one button to share and comment just like you would on any other site that already has +1 buttons (feel free to test it out on this page!).

I have tested this bookmarklet in Chrome 16.0.9 and Firefox 8.0. Please leave a comment if you have trouble with other browsers and I'll see what I can do.

Internet Explorer 6 users might struggle - the bookmarklet code is longer than IE6 can cope with. May I suggest upgrading to one of the many much better browsers available, such as Chrome or Firefox.

Alternatively you can try this bookmarklet (disclaimer: I cannot test it - I don't have IE6) - drag the "Google+1" to your browser links bar:


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